Fall 2016 CESL partner

As I’ve mentioned before, my CESL partner is from South Korea. Chang Gyo has been working very hard throughout the last few months working on time consuming and tedious projects. Every time we meet, I am just amazed by his persistence and hard-working attitude. Regardless of the language barrier, he has been able to present […]

Fall 2015 CESL Partner

My CESL partners and I still keep in touch, but unfortunately we have not had as much free time to spend with one another. The last time I met them we went to a coffee shop and chatted for about two hours. This was not nearly enough time to catch up, but we plan to […]

International Group

The Iranian Student Association (ISAOU) is an international group at the University of Oklahoma that connects Iranian and non-Iranian students together to establish friendships among these students. Iranian and non-Iranian members and non-members have the opportunity of attending cultural events such as