Global Engagement Day Spring 2016

Global Engagement Day is one of my favorite days because there are numerous opportunities for GEF members to spend time with one another. It is a day to take a break from classes and exams and catch up with friends and get involved with international events!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend all of the events on this day due to my schedule; however, some  GEF members and I spent time talking about study abroad tips, while those who had studied abroad had the opportunity to share their stories.

Andrew’s story was my favorite because of how interesting his experiences had been. From volunteering and living at a farm to traveling to different countries he did not know the language of, he shared his story and talked about how much he learned from his experiences.

Another member talked about her study abroad journey to China. It seemed that she really enjoyed her stay, but she said she doesn’t want to live in China in the future.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to other people’s perspective over different cultures. I’m really excited to study abroad myself and make memories along the way. After many many hours of planning my future semesters’ schedules and thinking about what classes I need to take in order to graduate on time, I’ve finally decided to study abroad during the Fall of 2017. Once things become more definite, I’ll definitely update on this!


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