Open Mic at Second Wind Cafè

Tonight I had the opportunity of meeting some new GEF members and reuniting with some good friends I had not seen in months! I really enjoyed the stories of those who chose to share them; however,  Hannah’s story really made me feel warm inside and even sparked my interest to visit Tanzania sometime in the future. I don’t want to re-tell her story because I might miss a few details, but I remember how happy she was when she talked about her host Baba (dad). She described that he waited for a very long time to pick her and her friend up because he was worried about them. Isn’t it wonderful to see that someone that is not of your blood cares about you in such a way? I’m not sure if I will have a host family when I study abroad, but if I do, I hope that they welcome me into their family with open arms and love me as one of their own.

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