Fall 2015 CESL Partner

My CESL partners and I still keep in touch, but unfortunately we have not had as much free time to spend with one another. The last time I met them we went to a coffee shop and chatted for about two hours. This was not nearly enough time to catch up, but we plan to have lunch together sometime in the near future. Hopefully we’ll be making some Korean food so I can learn how to cook them myself! I’ll make sure to keep you updated and post some pictures when we do make them. Speaking with them reminded me of myself a few years ago–they both have improved greatly on their English and I’m so happy for them both. When I commented on their improved English, they didn’t really believe me just like I did not believe when people would compliment me on my ‘good English’ after a year of living in the States. Now that the Fall semester is over, I’m sure we will have more time to spend with one another and hopefully get on with that Korean meal! (;


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