Fall 2016 CESL partner

As I’ve mentioned before, my CESL partner is from South Korea. Chang Gyo has been working very hard throughout the last few months working on time consuming and tedious projects. Every time we meet, I am just amazed by his persistence and hard-working attitude. Regardless of the language barrier, he has been able to present his work in a very well organized and easily readable manner. One day, he asked me to meet so he could practice his presentation skills and correct his pronunciation of certain words. As he was going through his slides, I noticed the appealing graphs and images he had used. He then mentioned that all of the graphs were created by him from his data over the past few months. I was so shocked yet very proud of how far he has come since his first semester at OU. I mentioned to him that his English has greatly improved, because his presentation sounded very smooth and was easy to follow.

If you currently have a CESL partner and feel as if you’re not much help to him/herĀ or don’t have much time to meet in general, try to encourage them and praise them for their hard work. Sometimes a small amount of encouragement is all they need to help build their confidence.

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