How being “globally engaged” will bring success to my career

Being “globally engaged” is very critical in today’s society and one’s career. If people were to think of themselves as only citizens of a certain country, then there would be no growth in diversity. All human beings need to view themselves as world citizens, meaning that they would speak up when they witness an act they are against, such as racism, sexism, ableism etc. Now this is only one small part of what it means to be engaged globally. When we as people see others’ problems as important and decide to take action to make those problems go away, we can grow and make those political and geographical borders fade.

It is important to understand such borders in order to eliminate the idea of superiority and inferiority between different groups of people. What I mean by this is, those who are more globally engaged will come to see all people as both equal and worthy. Not only will this improve one’s global awareness, it will also help one in his or her career.

In the future, hopefully I will  travel to many countries and spend a significant amount of my career interacting with people of all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. Being globally engaged is a great helping tool for me to develop relationships with others and feel more connected to them.


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